What Part of “Shall not be infringed” Don’t You Understand?

What part of “Well-Regulated Militia” don’t you understand? One’s rights shall not be infringed, within the context of a well-regulated militia. For the sake of clarity, we can define a militia as one or more citizens. Flaunting your gun in a public area, just because you can, does not mean you qualify as a well-regulated militia. Threatening peoples’ lives, because they have a different viewpoint about what types of guns to sell does not make you a well-regulated member of a militia. In fact, either of these behaviors probably indicates you are insane, in which case, I don’t want you in a citizen militia. The second amendment should remain intact; it makes America unique. However, with great power, comes great responsibility. There may one day be a need for a citizen militia, but we damned well better be sure it’s competent, well-regulated, and composed of citizens who take their second amendment right seriously.