On Hating God

Theists often label atheists as “god-haters.” As an atheist, I find the label silly and –more importantly — incorrect. Atheists do not believe in gods. One cannot (at least to my knowledge) hate something which one does not believe to be true. The claim that atheists hate god is most likely borne out of frustration and intolerance for anyone who might think differently. The claim is what’s known as a “straw man” — the twisting of a position to such a degree that makes it easy to attack, in order to create the illusion that the original position is invalid. We see this technique used frequently in current political discourse.

While atheists may not hate gods, we do detest the violence, bigotry, and hatred that are often a product of one’s god. The theists may confuse these things, but hating gods and disliking the byproducts of a belief in a god are very different.

Ted Cruz says pro-choicers walk arm in arm chanting ‘Hail Satan’

Ted Cruz says pro-choicers walk arm in arm chanting ‘Hail Satan’.

Ted Cruz is also full of shit, but I digress.

A former pastor of the Zion Baptist Church in Washington DC, Reverend Carlton Veazey, opposes Cruz’s hard-line pro-life position:

“However, he [Reverend Carlton Veazey] takes issue with giving a fetus rights that are equal to those of the woman carrying it. The problem there is that the life of the mother has to matter, too. If she can’t care for the child after it’s born, if she can’t carry it to term without a threat to her life, if it’s developing in such a way that it has no chance at a decent life, requiring the law to consider its life as equal to the mother’s means that decisions in these cases are considerably harder.”